An Educational Strategy Supporting Kangaroo Mother Care: Interviews with Healthcare Practitioners

Wilma ten Ham-Baloyi, Esmeralda Ricks, Dalena van Rooyen


Kangaroo Mother Care (KMC) has multiple benefits for mothers, infants and healthcare organisations. Sound clinical decision-making regarding KMC is enhanced if healthcare practitioners are empowered through education and training, which is possible by developing an educational strategy. In this study perceptions of healthcare practitioners were therefore sought to explore and describe the content, format and requirements for such an educational strategy. Purposive sampling was done, and healthcare practitioners participated electronically and in either semi-structured face-to-face or telephonic interviews. The healthcare practitioners’ perceptions regarding format, content and requirements for the strategy were audiotaped, verbatim transcribed and qualitatively analysed using thematic analysis. Major findings indicated that the content of the strategy should include the theoretical concept of KMC and its practice. The strategy’s format needs to make provision for a target group existing of multiple stakeholders and various teaching methods and formats. The strategy’s frequency and duration depends on the type of strategy and the availability of staff that can be released to attend the educational strategy. Requirements in terms of facilitating factors to successfully implement this strategy include buy-in and support of management, leadership, alignment of the strategy with existing structures, and also rewards and incentives. Participants agreed that an educational strategy must be flexible in terms of its content, format and requirements in order to be implemented in various contexts. Investigations into how an educational strategy could be further developed and implemented in different contexts could be fruitful to support sound clinical decision-making regarding KMC.


clinical decision-making; educational strategy; healthcare practitioners; Kangaroo Mother Care

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