The Implementation of Evidence-based Practice in a United Arab Emirates Hospital

Keywords: barriers, challenges, evidence-based practice, nursing practice, possibilities, multicultural setting


Evidence-based practice (EBP) has been documented as a method to improve the quality of patient care; it is also considered one of the requirements for any hospital that seeks excellence in healthcare. However, the implementation of EBP can be both challenging and complex if it is not well planned and executed. This study intended to determine the attitude to and the level of confidence in implementing EBP in a United Arab Emirates hospital, to explore the factors that affect the implementation of EBP, and to implement measures to support the implementation of EBP. The article discusses the measures used to support EBP implementation, using the approach of action research. The challenges to and the possibilities for sustainability are described. An action research methodology was utilised by using the repeated cycles of planning, intervention, reflection and modification to establish the implementation of EBP. The researchers gathered data from a survey, using a questionnaire and focus group interviews. Three cycles of systems and practice modifications were used to support the establishment of EBP. Data were analysed quantitatively and qualitatively, using SPSS and directed content analysis. The first cycle revealed low knowledge and self-confidence in EBP processes. The second cycle highlighted the factors required to make EBP a success, and the third cycle identified enhancing staff confidence and continuous leadership support as the main themes to improve EBP implementation.

Author Biographies

Souher El Amouri, Al Rahba Hospital
Nursing Education Department
Margaret Ramukumba, University of South Africa
Department of Health Studies
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El Amouri, Souher, and Margaret Ramukumba. 2019. “The Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice in a United Arab Emirates Hospital”. Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery 21 (1), 17 pages.