Curriculum Development at Institutional Level: Reflections and Lessons Learnt

  • Mokgadi Christina Matlakala University of South Africa
  • Jeanette E Maritz University of South Africa
Keywords: curriculum development, nurse educator, pedagogy, reflection, open and distance learning


Curriculum development at any level requires legal frameworks and professional regulatory requirements, and the curriculum should undergo educational and organisational quality assurance processes. Lecturers are responsible for curriculum development in their respective institutions. The objective of the study was to explore the reflections of nurse educators regarding curriculum development in an Open and Distance Learning University in South Africa. This article aims to share the lessons learnt from the process of curriculum development. A qualitative exploratory design was used, following interpretivism. The participants were nurse educators involved in curriculum development in a specific department at the university. Data were collected through individual written narratives and round-table group discussions, followed by a thematic content interpretive analysis. The findings indicated programme classification, organisational processes and compliance as the topics from reflections; and lessons learnt from the curriculum development process were the pedagogic considerations, experiential learning and collaboration. The information obtained highlights the need for staff development and support to achieve academic excellence and active scholarship in curriculum development.

Author Biographies

Mokgadi Christina Matlakala, University of South Africa

Department of Health Studies, Professor

Jeanette E Maritz, University of South Africa

Department of Health Studies, Professor

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Matlakala, Mokgadi Christina, and Jeanette E Maritz. 2019. “Curriculum Development at Institutional Level: Reflections and Lessons Learnt”. Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery 21 (2), 11 pages.