Clinical Supervisors’ Preparedness for Clinical Teaching of Undergraduate Nurses at a University in the Western Cape




Clinical accompaniment, Clinical supervision, Clicical supervisor, Clinical teaching, Preparedness


Clinical supervision is crucial for the development of nursing students’ clinical competence; therefore, clinical supervisors need to be clinical experts. Inadequately prepared clinical supervisors can negatively affect clinical teaching, consequently resulting in poor clinical teaching and inadequate integration of theory and practice. This ultimately impacts patients’ health outcomes. The perceptions of clinical supervisors’ preparedness for clinical teaching were explored using a qualitative exploratory design. Semi-structured interviews were conducted with 12 clinical supervisors in an undergraduate programme. An inductive approach to data analysis generated four themes: 1) concrete experience centred on clinical supervisors’ positive experiences and challenges; 2) clinical supervisors’ application of the prescribed Skills Laboratory Methodology; 3) challenges that clinical supervisors face during clinical teaching; and 4) learning needs of clinical supervisors. The key findings highlight that although they are orientated, clinical supervisors need time to adapt and improve their knowledge and skills. The Skills Laboratory Methodology is appropriately followed. However, inadequate resources stifle the clinical teaching and learning process. Availability during teachable moments and attending to students’ clinical learning needs were regarded as important. It was highlighted that clinical supervisors require updates through attendance of workshops and in-service training. Recommendations include the need for induction and orientation programmes focusing on job expectations, roles and workload. Training sessions are required to ensure the standardisation of clinical teaching methods. There is also a need for regular meetings with stakeholders. Research is recommended to explore the coping mechanisms used to manage challenges in clinical teaching.


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Author Biographies

Margaret Hoffman, University of The Western Cape

School of Nursing

Felicity Daniels, University of the Western Cape

School of Nursing




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Hoffman, Margaret, and Felicity Daniels. 2020. “ Clinical Supervisors’ Preparedness for Clinical Teaching of Undergraduate Nurses at a University in the Western Cape ”. Africa Journal of Nursing and Midwifery 22 (2):15 pages.



Received 2020-05-18
Accepted 2020-07-18
Published 2020-08-12