Exploring Alcohol Abuse amongst Grade 10 Adolescent Learners in a Secondary School in Gauteng Province


  • Mabatho Sedibe University of Johannesburg
  • Jeany Dube University of Johannesburg




Alcohol, alcohol, alcohol abuse, alcohol dependence


In this qualitative study, cases of alcohol abuse amongst Grade 10 adolescent learners in a secondary school in Gauteng Province will be explored and described. The study is grounded on the view that in the context of South African high school learners, alcohol abuse is an intensive pattern of alcohol intake that is often accompanied by recurring problems, such as a serious decrease in school performance, high school dropouts and anti-social behaviour. Its main thrust is that alcohol abuse is becoming an increasing problem in South Africa. Research shows that almost every South African youth would have experimented with drugs, especially beer, dagga and cigarettes, during adolescence. The major cause of concern is that large numbers of these adolescent learners eventually become addicted, posing a threat to their own education, health and safety, while creating difficulties for their families and the society at large. This study sought to explore alcohol abuse among adolescent learners in a secondary school, with the aim of developing possible strategies to address the problem.



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Sedibe, Mabatho, and Jeany Dube. 2021. “Exploring Alcohol Abuse Amongst Grade 10 Adolescent Learners in a Secondary School in Gauteng Province”. Commonwealth Youth and Development 17 (2):16 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/2663-6549/3234.



Received 2017-09-27
Accepted 2020-10-15
Published 2021-03-09