Circuit Managers’ Performance Data Usage to Support and Improve Youth Performance in Schools




Circuit Managers, Performance Data, School support, Accountability, School Improvement, School performance, Quality education.


The article explores how circuit managers (CMs) use performance data in providing support to youths in South African schools. The objective is to identify the effects of support on youth performance in these schools. Delivery of quality education to youths requires that CMs have sufficient theoretical knowledge and understanding of performance data usage to guide and support schools. In my study I analysed existing literature (e.g., books and articles) on circuit management and youth support in schools to establish how performance data usage impacts on South African youths’ performance in schools. Limited material is available on CMs’ support to schools through the use of performance data, and this article serves as a foundational piece to highlight CMs’ role in supporting the youth. The data on South African youth included in this article supports the validity of societal concerns about and of the importance of data usage for performance improvement. Findings from the literature reviewed reveal poor youth performance in schools due to performance data being partially implemented and poorly executed by CMs, and to CMs functioning like messengers, carrying information to and fro between schools and the education department. These findings indicate that support activities are poorly performed. Further findings point to a lack of personnel in key subjects that require attention, resulting in CMs taking on more responsibilities that are not related to school support. Recommendations are that there should be continuous training in the use of performance data from classroom assessment tasks to make informed decisions in schools and to give feedback to teachers to be able to measure youth progress.

Author Biography

Sharon Thabo Mampane, University of South Africa

S.T. Mampane is an associate professor at the University of South Africa. She is involved in teaching Distance Education students and writing research around education leadership and management, education policy, school governance, managing school culture and climate, training facilitators and project writing. She has written, presented and published articles and book chapters, locally and internationally. She teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate students research-writing skills and has trained school leaders and managers in leadership and management skills.



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Mampane, Sharon Thabo. 2020. “Circuit Managers’ Performance Data Usage to Support and Improve Youth Performance in Schools”. Commonwealth Youth and Development 16 (2):15 pages.



Received 2018-10-30
Accepted 2019-05-21
Published 2020-01-22