The Conceptualisation of Human Capital Management in the Public Sector in the 20th Century

Keywords: Human capital management, Human resource management, good governance


The purpose of the study is to conceptualise human capital management in the public sector. The study also evaluates the difference and evolution of human capital management and human resource management, although in practice, the phenomena seem similar. The study attempts to introduce the conceptualisation of human capital management in the 20th century. It is absolutely clear that employees play an essential role in both private and public institutions; employees are the lifeline of an organisation. An organisation cannot survive if there are no employees. An organisation runs with the help of individuals who contribute in their own way to its success and productivity. Human capital management is defined as the process of recruiting, training, managing, and retaining employees for them to contribute effectively to the processes of the organisation. Thus, to realise the purpose of this article, the author adopted a qualitative research approach, whereby secondary data have been utilised.

Author Biography

John Mamokhere, University of Limpopo

University of Limpopo

Department of Research Administration and Development