Millennials in South Africa: Fiction, Media Representations and the need to Displace Otherness and Occupy History


  • Tatum Davis University of Cape Town



Zombie Literature, Otherness, Media Representations, Accountability, Violence, Protest


Fiction can often serve as a vehicle that addresses dominant cultures in a way that mitigates or displaces assumptions about that culture. However, it remains important that fiction is read in its real-world context in order to understand and explore the issues being addressed. Lily Herne’s two publications, Deadlands and Death of a Saint, displace millennial Otherness in a way that enacts the culture as manifested in South Africa. Not only could this serve as a means to explore the crises related to protests that occupied real and virtual spaces, but also as a means to develop new ways of conceptualising accountability and responsibility during acts of resistance.



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Davis, Tatum. 2021. “Millennials in South Africa: Fiction, Media Representations and the Need to Displace Otherness and Occupy History”. Commonwealth Youth and Development 17 (2):14 pages.



Received 2019-05-27
Accepted 2020-09-13
Published 2021-03-09