Predatory Alert to all Education as Change Users


Journal users, Academics, Editors-in-Chief, Managing Editors, Writers, and Editorial Boards:

Our journal, Education as Change, has been cloned by predators who use the website,, to elicit direct payments for Article Processing Charges (APCs). The predators have duplicated the names of our Management Committee, and the Mission of our journal on their website. This fraudulent site prominently displays the logos of Thomson Reuters, Scopus, European Union, Foundation for Human Rights, and the South African Department of Justice and Constitutional Development. These fraudsters have used the following banking details as the destination for deposits by unwitting writers and academics:

  1. Bank Account Title: IATTE (International Association of Teachers and Teacher Educators)
  2. Country: United States of America
  3. Name of Bank: University of Wisconsin Credit Union (UWCU)
  4. Address of Bank: 44 E Mifflin St, Madison, WI 53703, USA

 A Screenshot of the cloned Education as Change website that uses the URL

This website is fake, and we urge you to take care before responding to any call for papers or other advertisements from the “Editorial Office” to publish in this journal from this website. Our publisher, Unisa Press, will be alerting all our users (readers, writers, reviewers) to this as well. The authentic Education as Change journal is hosted on the Unisa Press OJS platform with URL

Dr. Na-iem Dollie
Chief Editor
Education as Change