Vol 21, No 1 (2017)

Table of Contents


An Awkward, Uneasy (De)Coloniality: Higher Education and Knowledge Otherwise PDF
Andre Keet, Sahar Sattarzadeh, Anne Munene 1-12


The Meritocratic Ideal in Education Systems: The Mechanisms of Academic Distinction in the International Context PDF
Maria Luisa Quaresma, Leonor Lima Torres 13-30
The "Decolonial Turn": What Does It Mean for Academic Staff Development? PDF
Jo-Anne Vorster, Lynn Quinn 31-49
A Modest Critical Pedagogy for English as a Foreign Language Education PDF
Mi Kyong Kim, Vikki Ann Pollard 50-72
Changing Educational Traditions with the Change Laboratory PDF
Louis Royce Botha 73-94
School Xenophobia and Interethnic Relationships Among Secondary Level Pupils in Spain PDF
Blanca Deusdad, Joaquim Prats, Joan Cabre 95-112
The "Human Colour" Crayon: Investigating the Attitudes and Perceptions of Learners regarding Race and Skin Colour PDF
Neeske Alexander, Elmarie Costandius 113-136
Investigating “Othering” in Visual Arts Spaces of Learning PDF
Monique Biscombe, Stephane Conradie, Elmarie Costandius, Neeske Alexander 137-154
Narratives of Resilience among Learners in a Rural Primary School in Swaziland PDF
Pholoho Justice Morojele, Ncamsile Daphne Motsa 155-173
Transformative Educational Actions for Children in Poverty: Sen's Capability Approach into Practice in the Korean Context PDF
Kyung Hi Kim 174-192

Book reviews

Book Review: What kind of citizen? Educating our children for the common good PDF
Elena Toukan 193-197