Policy Design for Non-anthropocentric Pathways to Protect Biodiversity and Re-generate the Land





vocational education and training, systemic design, social and environmental justice


This article is a thinking exercise to re-imagine some of the principles of a transformational vocational education and training (VET) approach underpinned by participatory democracy and governance, and is drawn from a longer work on an ABC of the principles that could be considered when discussing ways to transform VET for South African learners and teachers. The purpose of this article is to scope out the social, cultural, political, economic and environmental context of VET and to suggest some of the possible ingredients to inspire co-created design. Thus the article is just a set of ideas for possible consideration and as such it makes policy suggestions based on many ways of knowing rooted in a respect for self, others (including sentient beings) and the environment on which we depend. The notion of African Renaissance characterises the mission of a VET approach in South Africa that is accountable to this generation of living systems and the next.


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McIntyre-Mills, Janet Judy. 2018. “Policy Design for Non-Anthropocentric Pathways to Protect Biodiversity and Re-Generate the Land”. International Journal of Educational Development in Africa 4 (October):28 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/2312-3540/2865.



Received 2017-06-29
Accepted 2018-06-25
Published 2018-10-05