Khawuleza—An Instantiation of the Black Archive




Miriam Makeba; Busi Mhlongo; Letta Mbulu; Leomile; Black Archive


South African history is such that Blackness/Indigeneity were excluded from institutions of knowledge production. Contemporarily, the traditional University is defined as an institution predicated on the abjection of Blackness. This reality neither predetermined the positions and responses, nor presupposed complete/successful erasure of Blackness/Indigeneity owing to exclusion. I contend and detail how theorising, thinking about and through the Fact of Blackness, continue(d)—using the artistic works of Mhlongo, Makeba, Mbulu, and contemporarily, Leomile as examples. Analysing the music of the abovementioned artists, a move rooted in intersectional feminist approaches, will reveal modes of theorising that characterised the artistic expressions that define(d) the country. Theory generation, so construed, necessitates a judicious philosophical consideration if we are to resurrect the Black Archive. I conclude with an introspective question aimed at inspiring similar projects in other traditions that constitute the Black Archive, i.e. African languages and literature, theatre, art practice and theory.


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Author Biography

Siseko H. Kumalo, University of Pretoria

University of Pretoria

Philosophy of Education,

Editor of the Journal of Decolonising Disciplines



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Kumalo, Siseko H. 2020. “Khawuleza—An Instantiation of the Black Archive”. Imbizo 11 (2):21 pages.



Received 2019-11-13
Accepted 2020-04-28
Published 2020-08-05