Justice and Righteousness on Old Testament Prophets in Relation to Insecurity in Nigeria

S. Olusola Ademiluka


This research attempts to find a solution to the incessant security challenges in Nigeria in the message of the prophets of eighth century Israel regarding justice and righteousness. During this time, the wealth of the nation was concentrated in the hands of the upper class that marginalised others, dispossessing them of their property. In their criticisms of the oppressors, the prophets predicted God’s judgment in terms of social disorder, anarchy and captivity. But all these could be averted if the leaders would uphold justice and righteousness; the warnings were not heeded and the predictions came true. As in ancient Israel, Nigeria has been witnessing many security challenges, and one major factor for this is the marginalisation of the citizenry by government and politicians. Due to corruption and negligence on the part of Nigerian leaders, society is made volatile for insecurity. One way of solving the problem of insecurity in Nigeria is by applying the principles of justice in all aspects of governance.


Biblical justice and righteousness; social disorder; prophets

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