The Intrinsic Worth of Water in Job 38:22–38: Urging the Abandonment of an Anthropocentric Worldview

  • Kivatsi Jonathan Kavusa University of Pretoria, South Africa
Keywords: anthropocentrism, water, hail, snow, rain, clouds, dew, Job, Earth Bible


Christianity has often been accused of promoting an anthropocentric worldview that has contributed to the current ecological crisis. Since Lynn White’s accusation that Genesis 1:26–28 is responsible for the crisis, biblical scholars and theologians have been discussing this text. Although Genesis 1:26–28 contains hints of anthropocentrism, it does not represent the only way in which the biblical authors viewed humans and their relationship with nature. This article focuses on Job 38, which presents many phenomena of nature, inter alia water-related phenomena, as surpassing humans’ understanding. The world does not revolve around humans. They are merely part of the natural world. Humans cannot control water-related phenomena, which are depicted as having their own worth.

Author Biography

Kivatsi Jonathan Kavusa, University of Pretoria, South Africa
Postdoctoral research fellow