Decolonising the Reading of Psalm 8 in an African (Yoruba) Context.




praise psalm, Africa, Yoruba, Old Testament, creation


Psalm 8 is one of the most important psalms of praise to YHWH. Unlike other psalms of praise, this psalm begins with the name of God, Yahweh, which clearly and unmistakeably expresses that he is glorious throughout his creation. Psalm 8 not only expresses the glory of Yahweh, but also the value and responsibility of humanity. This article examines how Psalm 8 is read and interpreted in an African/Yoruba religious and cultural tradition as a psalm of protection, healing, and success. Some archaeological evidence seems to support the use of the Bible that way. The effectiveness of such use in the African/Yoruba Christian tradition is not doubted because a strong faith is behind it. Such use represents an African/Yoruba affirmation of faith in Yahweh who will repeat the miracles of healing, protection, and success that he had performed in ancient Israel in their present lives.


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Author Biography

David Tuesday Adamo, University of South Africa

He is a Professor of Biblical and Religious Studies, Kogi State University, Anyigba, Nigeria. He has been a full Professor since 1992 and a Fellow of the Nigerian Academy of Letters, the highest academic award in arts in Nigeria. He has taught in Europe, many African countries and USA.



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Adamo, David Tuesday. 2020. “ Decolonising the Reading of Psalm 8 in an African (Yoruba) Context.”. Journal for Semitics 29 (2):21 pages.



Received 2020-04-12
Accepted 2020-08-06
Published 2020-11-03