Reading Jeremiah 14:1–10 Theologically and Ecologically Minded

Festschrift for Willie van Heerden




Book of Jeremia, Jeremiah 14, drought, lament, theological reading, ecological awareness


Jeremiah 14:1–10 is about a great drought. In this article, the response of the Judeans, a lament (14:2–6 and 7–9), is analysed and discussed. Verse 10, contra to what is expected, contains a negative response by Yahweh to their lament. Read in the broader context of Chapter 14, the passage forms part of Yahweh’s rejection of his people because of their transgressions and disloyalty. The article has a twofold aim, namely addressing theological and ecological interests. The article discusses the theological concerns raised by the drought as well as the theological and psychological benefits of the practice of lament. Reading 14:1–10 from an ecological interest, the issue of the importance of water, and its conservation, is considered.


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Wessels, Wilhelm J. 2021. “Reading Jeremiah 14:1–10 Theologically and Ecologically Minded: Festschrift for Willie Van Heerden”. Journal for Semitics 30 (1):17 pages.
Received 2021-01-13
Accepted 2021-04-28
Published 2021-05-13