Proposal for Improving Records Management Practices of Traditional Institutions in Ga Molepo, South Africa


  • Mahlaga Johannes Molepo University of Pretoria
  • Linda M. Cloete Private Consultant



records management, traditional institutions, accountability, governance


The way in which an institution treats its records is crucial for its survival in a rapidly changing society. The purpose of the study was to investigate the records management practices and challenges faced by traditional institutions of leadership and governance in Ga Molepo, Limpopo, South Africa. The researcher employed a cross-sectional survey in order to quantitatively examine the challenges faced by members of traditional councils. A researcher administered questionnaire was used as a data collection tool to study a stratified sample of 35 members from an estimated population of 350. The findings revealed patterns and trends of non-compliance with records management standards and guidelines. Although there were sporadic cases of record keeping, a greater number of respondents revealed that traditional institutions lack the facilities, equipment, education and trained/skilled personnel to apply correct records management procedures in their daily administration of their traditional communities. The main value of the study is to create awareness of records management as one of the neglected areas in traditional institutions – which are by current legislative arrangement, the closest form of leadership and governance for rural communities in light of their relationship with local municipalities and the Department of Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs.


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Author Biographies

Mahlaga Johannes Molepo, University of Pretoria

MAHLAGA J. MOLEPO holds a Bachelor of Information Science degree and a

Bachelor of Arts Honours (BA (Hons)) in Information Science (cum laude) degree

from the University of South Africa (Unisa). He was the Best BA (Hons) in Information

Science student of 2015 and is currently a Master of Information Science candidate at

the University of Pretoria, South Africa.

Linda M. Cloete, Private Consultant

LINDA M. CLOETE (PhD) is a consultant in information-related work, and education and

training. Her work includes the development of learning and course material for higher

education institutions and other companies, as well as the quality assurance of learning

material and assessment of students. She also supervises postgraduate students

at honours, master’s and doctoral level. Previously, she was a senior lecturer in the

Department of Information Science at Unisa and a senior librarian at the Johannesburg

Public Library.



How to Cite

Molepo, M. J. and Cloete, L. M. (2017) “Proposal for Improving Records Management Practices of Traditional Institutions in Ga Molepo, South Africa”, Mousaion: South African Journal of Information Studies, 35(1), pp. 46-67. doi: 10.25159/2054.



Received 2017-01-10
Accepted 2017-05-22
Published 2017-11-03