Skills Impact Assessment of Personnel Managing Electronic Records in Zimbabwe’s Public Service

Keywords: electronic records, electronic records management, electronic records management skills, skills gaps, skills levels, National Archives of Zimbabwe


This study examined skills levels, gaps and needs of personnel who manage electronic records in Zimbabwe’s public departments. In the context of this study, skills refer to the ability and competence to manage electronic records professionally, effectively and efficiently. Many scholars have established that a solid educational background, experience, training and staff development programmes are indispensable in implementing a successful electronic records management programme. This is in tandem with the skills theory and the skills acquisition theory, both of which were used in this study. The study established that although an array of officers managed electronic records, most of them were not qualified in records management and as such lacked competencies to manage electronic records properly and professionally. There was no coordination in the manner in which electronic records were managed as different officers managed electronic records according to their personal intuition, ability and resources. This qualitative study involved 55 officers who worked with electronic records in government ministries in the Midlands Province of Zimbabwe. Data were collected using interviews which were triangulated by document reviews. Data were analysed thematically. The study recommended skills development through workshops and college courses, skills collaboration and the hiring of qualified records officers in order for Zimbabwe to turn around her electronic records management fortunes.

Author Biography

Samson Mutsagondo, National Archives of Zimbabwe
Samson Mutsagondo is a Chief Archivist at the  National Archives of Zimbabwe. He holds a MInf degree in Archival Science. He has 13 journal article publications to date in information science and development administration.