Barriers to High School Learners’ Online Information Behaviour in Ghana

Keywords: barrier; high schools; ICT; Internet; online information


The Internet has provided many opportunities for learners to access online information to expand their knowledge at a fast pace. Ghana, as one among many other developing countries, has tried to create Internet access and usage among high school learners; however, a number of factors have hampered this process. The study therefore investigates the barriers to high school learners’ online information behaviour in Ghana. Through a survey design, the study employed a mixed-methods approach to look into this phenomenon. A total of 350 participants comprising Grade 12 learners, heads of ICT departments (HICTDs), ICT teachers and librarians from three high schools were included in the study. Learners were sampled through the use of simple random and stratified sampling techniques. All heads of ICT departments, ICT teachers, and librarians were included in the study due to their small number and hence there was no need for selection. A semi-structured interview schedule and questionnaire were used as data collection tools to solicit responses from the participants. The study revealed that a lack of adequate Internet infrastructure at schools is a major barrier to high school learners’ online information behaviour. The study recommends the need to improve the Internet infrastructure at schools.

Author Biographies

Zawedde Nsibirwa, Information Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal


Information Studies

Philip Kankam, Information Studies, University of KwaZulu-Natal


Information Studies