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Mischeck Mudyiwa


Ever  since  the  publication  of  Shako's  (2006)  pioneering  study  on  Super Roma,  the movement has become a subject of serious sustained research at the University of Zimbabwe. This present article explores and examines the impact of Super Roma theology on traditional Christian theology and practice. It specifically investigates the extent to which Super Roma theology contradicts, corrects or clarifies traditional Christian theology and practice. The main argument developed in this article is that, whilst it may be true that Super Roma theology may have something new to offer theologians, it presents a number of areas of potential clash with traditional mainstream Christianity- particularly in its interpretation of concepts such as creation, original sin, reincarnation and exorcism, among others. The article also argues that as a movement that is backed by some Roman Catholic priests and nuns, the factors favouring the expansion of Super Roma are more significant than the factors that threaten its existence.


mainstream Christianity; Roman Catholic Church in Zimbabwe; Super Roma theology

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