Itumeleng Mosala: Giving Theology Its World, Feet and Hands

  • Takatso Mofokeng Independent researcher
Keywords: Black Methodist Consultation, Black Consciousness Movement, township life, Old Testament


Worthy of celebration is the contribution made by Itumeleng Mosala (hereafter Mosala) to the Black Methodist Consultation, the theological community in Southern Africa, and the Black Consciousness Movement. This article attempts to give theology its world, feet and hands in the person of Mosala. The article departs from the narration of the history of Mosala. It locates Mosala within township life and Old Testament scholarship. Furthermore, the article searches for suitable and effective weapons of intellectual struggle in light of Mosala’s life. The aim of this article is to celebrate the indelible footprints that Mosala made as he communed with black people.

Author Biography

Takatso Mofokeng, Independent researcher
Independent researcher