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The Effective Use of Blended Learning Tools that Promote Success among Low Performing South African Undergraduate Students

Mari van Wyk, Sarique du Preez, Janine Christian, Audrey Legodi, Minky Seromo, Lourens Erasmus


A major problem in higher education in South Africa is the low success rate and high dropout rate of undergraduate students. The high dropout rate could be the result of socio-economic factors, academic shortcomings or merely the fact that the current way of teaching does not meet the needs of the 21st century student. In this literature review paper, the aim was twofold. First, existing literature was reviewed to identify research conducted on blended learning tools that can promote student success and the relationship between the research conducted and practical applications of these blended learning tools were indicated. Second, five key success factors were selected and the role of blended learning, as well as its tools, were discussed in relation to the key success factors. The result and contribution is a list of proposed blended learning tools, with suggestions on its use, to address the factors that influence students’ success by enhancing the learning process. It is recommended that further research be conducted to determine by means of a pilot approach, the extent to which the use of these blended learning tools is successful in enhancing student success.


assessments; blended learning; blended learning tools; critical thinking; higher education; lack of prior knowledge; motivation; problem solving; student success; underpreparedness

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