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Open and Distance Learning: An Unavoidable Pillar in the Building of a Knowledge Society

Perienen Appavoo


Knowledge societies can only be built when the education pillar is strong enough to support them. Open and distance learning (ODL) is revolutionising the ways learning takes place and emancipating educational practice from the confined walls of traditional classrooms to make learning accessible to anyone, anywhere and at any time. The pervasiveness of technology and the much acclaimed pedagogical worth it carries will undoubtedly shape the ODL learning paradigm in unprecedented ways. This research paper has looked into some key aspects of ODL in Mauritius and assessed its role as a vital pillar in the creation of a knowledge society. Using future thinking tools, a Futures Wheel was developed to portray the different trends and signals that will define the future of ODL in Mauritius. The findings of this paper show that Mauritius can offer high quality courses at affordable costs by maximising the tenets of technology.

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