“You Can’t Solve a Problem Until You Ask the Right Question”: Positioning Afrocentric Learning Communities in the Post #FeesMustFall Context





Afrocentric, Framework, Global, Higher Education, Humanising Pedagogy, Identity, Learning communities, Social Justice, South Africa, Ubuntu


Higher education in South Africa is in an era that demands a new lens and theoretical clarity to inform how we grow the collective identity of 21st century African students with a framework that is grounded in the following two questions, “Who am I/are we in this context and how can I/we contribute to the knowledge base in higher education?” Through this paper, we would like to position the conversation by addressing theoretical aspects of a humanising pedagogy, Afrocentricity and Ubuntu, within South African higher education learning communities. We argue in this positional paper that a Relational Centred Framework for Afrocentric Learning Communities will add to the complexity of the search for our African identity, also referred to as African ways of being, in higher education, especially for South African students in the post #FeesMustFall context.

Author Biographies

Curwyn Mapaling, Nelson Mandela University

School of Engineering, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa

Ronelle Plaatjes, Nelson Mandela University

Centre for Teaching, Learning and Media, Nelson Mandela University, South Africa



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Mapaling, Curwyn, and Ronelle Plaatjes. 2019. “‘You Can’t Solve a Problem Until You Ask the Right Question’: Positioning Afrocentric Learning Communities in the Post #FeesMustFall Context”. Progressio: South African Journal for Open and Distance Learning Practice 41 (1):11 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/2663-5895/5666.



Themed Section - Curriculum Transformation in Higher Education
Received 2019-01-22
Accepted 2019-07-31
Published 2019-10-31