Talent Development Practices Predict the Employee Engagement of Human Resource Professionals

Keywords: Talent development, job engagement, organisational engagement, human resource professionals, employee engagement, inclusive and exclusive approach


There is little evidence to indicate the association between talent development practices and the employee engagement of human resource (HR) professionals. The aim of this study was to examine if talent development practices predict the employee engagement levels of HR professionals. The study was conducted by means of a quantitative survey research design based on a sample of 354 HR professionals. A stratified random sampling technique was applied and data were collected by means of the Survey Monkey internet tool and analysed by means of multiple regression analysis. The results indicate that self-development behaviour is not a significant predictor of organisational engagement, while developmental relationships and support as well as development assignments are significant predictors. These results suggest that managers should provide developmental support and assignments to enhance employee engagement.

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Morethe, Sidney Linford Masetle, Ilze Swarts, and Cecile Schultz. 2020. “Talent Development Practices Predict the Employee Engagement of Human Resource Professionals”. Southern African Business Review 24 (May), 20 pages. https://doi.org/10.25159/1998-8125/6398.