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Culture and Tradition in Siswati Modern Literature: Lessons from Umjingi udliwa yintHlitiyo “Let one Follow the Heart’s Dictates” by S.W. Nsibandze

Sisana R Mdluli


Literary works in any language are intended for conveying specific messages. African contemporary writers tap into the reservoirs of their culture and tradition in transmitting their messages. Since most African societies are patriarchal, it is no wonder that they portray patriarchal inclinations in their modern products. This article seeks to review the patriarchal air; that is the trends that suppress the voice, actions, and visibility of women in the public domain. An analysis of the Siswati play entitled Umjingi udliwa yinhlitiyo “Let one follow the heart’s dictates” by SW Nsibandze will illustrate the upshots of using culture and tradition in promoting the theme of the play, while challenging some cultural stereotypes. The womanist approaches will form the theoretical foundation for this discussion. On the basis of this play, I will draw conclusions from the research that has already been undertaken to make proposals on how traditional and cultural trends can be used in streamlining gender equality.

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