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Land matters and Rural Development: 2016 (1)

Juanita Pienaar, Ebrezia Johnson, Willemien du Plessis, Nic Olivier


The amendment of the Restitution of Land Rights Act 22 of 1994 (Restitution Act) led to a renewed interest in restitution matters. The number of land claims is increasing. It seems that the courts are still struggling with the interpretation of the Extension of Security of Tenure Act 62 of 1997 (ESTA) and the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998 (PIE). Similar problems are experienced with housing. Parliament and the Council of Provinces approved the controversial Expropriation Bill [B4D-2015] (Anon ‘Parliament approves land expropriation Bill’ Mail & Guardian 26 May 2016 accessed 3 July 2016).

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