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Studia Historiae Ecclesiasticae publishes articles in the discipline of Church History / History of Christianity with an African/ South African perspective.

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Colonial Institutionalisation of Poverty among Blacks in South Africa PDF
T Lephakga
Yes, John G Lake was a Con Man: A Response to Marius Nel PDF
Barry Morton
Mau-Mau War Rituals and Women Rebels in Kirinyaga County of Kenya (1952–1960): Retrieving Women Participation in Kenya’s Struggle for Independence PDF
Julius M. Gathogo
Healing in a Cultural Context: The Role of Healing as a Defining Character in the Growth and Popular Faith of the Zion Christian Church PDF
James Kenokeno Mashabela
Elias Letwaba, the Apostolic Faith Mission, and the Spread of Black Pentecostalism in South Africa PDF
Barry Morton