Experiencing the sacred: sacred time and places among the Shona of Zimbabwe

  • Takesure Mahohoma University of South Africa
Keywords: sacredness, shona time, sacred places, spirituality, religion


The primary concern of this research is to investigate sacred places utilized for moments of silence by Shona people when they seek mystical experience with the ancestors. Emphasis will be placed on the traditional wisdom of mysticism. It is no exaggeration that knowing and appreciating the beauty of nature (aesthetics) can draw one closer to God. Essentially the aspect of silence is involvement of God in people’s daily life. In this presentation, we seek to analyze mystical experiences among the Shona.  The fundamental cultural changes in Shona society are forcing us to consider the position of sacred places and moments of communion with ancestors. These are a privilege of studying cultural dynamics

Author Biography

Takesure Mahohoma, University of South Africa
Takesure Mahohoma comes from the Masvingo, Zimbabwe. He holds a Diploma in Philosophy, BA honours in Religious Studies from University of Zimbabwe. He got his MA and a Doctorate in Spiritual Theology from the Catholic University of Eastern Africa, Nairobi-Kenya . He is currently a Postdoctoral Fellow at University of South Africa, Pretoria.