If the Colour of Jesus Is not an Issue, why Are you so Incensed at the Suggestion that Jesus Is Black?

Black Theology of Liberation and Iconography

  • R S Tshaka University of South Africa
Keywords: Colour of Jesus, Iconography, Black Theology of Liberation, Black self-hate, Black Theology and Black Power


Questions around the colour of Jesus are always received with reservations. Yet, not much is said about the colour of the very same Jesus that has come to adorn homes and places of worship of many black Christians across the globe. This article engages in a conversation about the colour of Jesus. It does this while being aware of the challenges that appear to be particular to black communities who seem to expect their salvation from those who do not look like them. The colour of Jesus has been a central issue for Black Theology of Liberation. This is because this theological hermeneutic was never able to relate to a god that was not sympathetic to their lived experiences.