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Societal Perceptions of Breast Cancer among Elderly Women in Nigeria

Kenechukwu Nwakego Anugwom


The study examined the impact of the societal perceptions of breast cancer among elderly women on both its care and prevention in south-eastern Nigeria. A representative sample of adult members of the population was drawn in three local government areas in Enugu State. The study drew its rationale from the recognition that the societal perceptions of the causes, nature and management of breast cancer can make a major difference in whether aged women in Nigeria afflicted by breast cancer survive or not. The data were collected using a multistage sampling technique that consisted of a questionnaire and in-depth interviews. It was found that there is a need for more awareness creation, sensitivity workshops and the committed involvement of social workers, counsellors and allied professionals in providing care and counselling for elderly women, as they are often perceived as lying beyond reproductive health ailments in popular discourse.



breast cancer; elderly women; treatment; perception

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